• Audi AG 
    Silvio Schindler, head of Audi Consulting

    ”We have repeatedly worked with Adrian Dunskus as a coach and in doing so always benefited from his ability to write for spoken delivery. He is very good at finding crisp wordings that still align with the compan’s key message and fit its communications culture. This has made him a great help for us again and again.”


  • Audi AG
    Emanuele Pirro, brand ambassador and former Formula 1 driver

    ”Adrian is a very effective media trainer. Even years later, I still find his suggestions a great help when dealing with journalists or large audience during speeches. The one I find most useful is to focus on creating a specific agenda before going to face the media. From his training I keep some key rules that help being more efficient, credible, focused and relaxed as well. In other words more successful.”

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    • Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S.
      Dr. Stefan Brungs, member of the Board of Management

      ”My one-on-one training with Adrian was effective because it exactly featured real-life situations such as a print interview, a TV statement or a press conference at an auto show. It is acting out and fine-tuning of precisely this kind of content in diverse formats in practice that makes the Dunskus approach so valuable. Add to this the precision of his analysis of video appearances. This has been by far the best training I have attended in this millenium.”


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  • Emanate Relevance Marketing & PR, Munich, Germany
    Julia Schäfer, Vice President

    ”We have been working with Adrian Dunskus for years. What we value is how he combines journalistic expertise and personal experience as a corporate spokesman. In addition, his multi-lingual abilities continually prove a great advantage when working with our international clients as he helps coaching participants achieve successful on-camera performance in English, German or French.”

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square referenzen fhm

  • Flughafen München GmbH (Munich Airport Operating Company)
    Rudolf Strehle, Airport region liaison head

    ”Adrian Dunskus has been a partner of our corporation for years, assisting us in regional communications and regarding our proposed third runway. In this connection, he has been giving the different levels in our organization valuable advice regarding on-camera and live appearances. In addition, we have found his combined experience as a coach, corporate spokesman and journalist very useful in devising messages for these topics.”

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  • Fresenius SE
    Joachim Weith, head of Corporate Communications and Government Affairs

    ”3x3 communication has been training senior team members of ours for crisis communications and sensitive subjects. An important plus for us is 3x3’s many years of experience both in journalism and in corporate communications. In addition, what we value in 3x3 is their feel for a situation and their empathy for each individual participant.”

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  • Konica Minolta
    Olaf Lorenz, General Manager, International Marketing Division,
    Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe GmbH

    ”Adrian Dunskus created keynote for the top management of Konica Minolta at our 2013 Leadership Conference. Since then, people in the company have been quoting from these speeches, which is something special. At the conference itself, Adrian was a very useful liaison person between journalists from all over Europe and our Japanese executives. He has also produced video messages for our top management at very short notice. In all these cases, he has shown that he is excellent at creating strategy-conformant content basd on a minimum of briefing.”

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  • Puma SE
    Ulf Santjer, Director Corporate Communications

    „Our senior executives very much appreciate camera trainings by 3x3 communication. This is because these trainings provide concise and hands-on advice for immediate application in practice. We value the wording tips we receive, the pointers on appearance as well as advice when it comes to working with video journalists.”

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  • Renesas Electronics Europe GmbH
    Andy Harding, Director Core Marketing,
    Industrial & Communications Business Group

    ”3x3 communication performed a multi-day sales training for our European sales staff in preparation for the launch of a new product platform. Their experience with participants from different cultural backgrounds, familiarity with technology-related topics and knowledge of the culture inside a large multinational organisation translated into excellent results as they trained our staff in German, English, French and Spanish. We will be happy to work with 3x3 communication again.”

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  • Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG
    Christian Reiter, Head of Corporate Communications

    ”We partner with 3x3 communication in video communications. 3x3’s coachings have provided valuable for all our staff, but especially for those who do not appear on camera on a regular basis and may thus be insecure. We have found that this insecurity of theirs usually disappears after a day of coaching, something we find impressive every time. We also think Adrian Dunskus’ ability very helpful to condense even complex matter crisp yet factual statements. All of this helped us record a series of convincing videos featuring our staff at the 2016 Mobile World Congress following interaction with 3x3 communication. We have published these videos on the internet.”

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  • Swiss Life Select Deutschland
    Götz Wenker, CEO

    ”Adrian Dunskus regularly coaches members of our executive team for on-camera appearances. We value his systematic approach, but also his ability to fine-tune statement copy. This enables participants in his coachings to sharpen their awareness of messages relevant to the public and delivering them in an authentic way even in difficult situations.”

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  • Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles
    Andreas Meurer, head of Corporate Communications

    ”We have repeatedly held group and individual media trainings chaired by Adrian Dunskus and have done so both for marketing and communications staff and for board members. We have always appreciated how he applies expertise from three areas, namely journalism, corporate communications and coaching, that is to say focusing on the individual participant. Adrian Dunskus is also skilled at providing wording assistance, thus helping participants improve their skills in writing for spoken delivery.”

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  • 3x3 communication, Pfaffenhofen
    Lina, CFO (Chief Feline Officer)

    ”Adrian Dunskus also proves his intercultural expertise in under-chin stroking.”

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