• Audi AG 
    Silvio Schindler, head of Audi Consulting

    ”We have repeatedly worked with Adrian Dunskus as a coach and in doing so always benefited from his ability to write for spoken delivery. He is very good at finding crisp wordings that still align with the compan’s key message and fit its communications culture. This has made him a great help for us again and again.”


  • Audi AG
    Emanuele Pirro, brand ambassador and former Formula 1 driver

    ”Adrian is a very effective media trainer. Even years later, I still find his suggestions a great help when dealing with journalists or large audience during speeches. The one I find most useful is to focus on creating a specific agenda before going to face the media. From his training I keep some key rules that help being more efficient, credible, focused and relaxed as well. In other words more successful.”