Classic media coaching

This basic training lets you understand how journalists work. Practical exercises will build your confidence in dealing with the media and cutting an impressive figure on camera. Practical sessions immediately follow background presentations.

  • Building statements
  • Formulating key messages
  • Actively steering interviews
  • Protecting your confidential material
  • Working with the camera
  • Managing stress
  • Exercising your voice and your breath

Writing for effective speaking

To succeed before a camera or a live audience, you need competence, but also emotional presence, which is something you can achieve by writing the right way. This training will show you how to write specifically for a speaking opportunity, and how you can use PowerPoint slides to maximum effect.

  • Writing and speaking: what are the differences?
  • Tools: active, not passive, and more
  • Arc of suspense: creating attention
  • The power of the pause: nothing can be (quite) something
  • Joint analysis: video feedback

Excel on a panel

More and more, public debate is being shaped in TV talk shows and other discussion fora. Attend this coaching to see how you can draw up an agenda that is easy to keep in mind. Learn how to make points, how to read he emcee’s mind and how to make yourself heard and come across as likeable.

  • The challenge of panels: entertainment vs. information
  • The face of it: body language, gestures, dress
  • The drill: a talk show simulation
  • Volleying: engaging, not submitting
  • Stress management: key messages for guidance

Explaining change

Change creates insecurity. Let us show you how to win support for change in your organization. Find out how you can reach out and touch your audience by being authentic.

  • The camera as a bridge
  • Personal images
  • Emotional key messages
  • Consistent body language
  • Crises as opportunities

Effective team communications

Today’s executives are often called on to represent their company as a team. This coaching helps you formulate messages to conform to your organization’s strategy and teaches you how to provide support for your fellow team members in a public debate. The audience will sense how passionate you are about your responsibility and about the company’s success, and your fellow team members will come away feeling with that much more of a joint identity.

  • Being authentic as a team
  • Key messages and their hierarchy
  • Role plays
  • Strategies
  • Agendas and scenarios
  • Personalized communication

Presentation coaching

Whether you are addressing a customer, coworkers or an external public, whether you are presenting alone or as part of a team, make sure you make the right impression. We’ll work with you to find the right opening line to make your audience sit up and listen, then get your narrative flowing and lead it to the clincher that will stick in their minds. Talk to us to find the right format and sequence for any images, text and graphics you might want to show. And have us script the perfect play for a team presentation so that you win the match and carry the day.

  • Introductions that charm
  • Supportive visuals
  • Rostra, teleprompters, cue cards – or none of all that
  • The art of transition
  • Roles in the team
  • Mental milestones on your journey
  • Your conclusion is your guiding light