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When we get called to a podium or in front of a camera, a lot of us experience stress. Fortunately, there’s a way to deal with that. First, let’s understand what stress is. Basically, stress arises from a situation we don’t feel we can cope with. This might be a camera date today, but for hundreds of thousands of years, it was more likely to be coming face to face with a sabre-tooth tiger. This was what nature equipped us to deal with, and so even today, when we feel we can’t cope, the old mechanism kicks in even though sabre-tooth tigers are long gone. The mechanism, once designed to enable fight or flight and nothing else, shuts down all non-essential brain functions.

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Do you get stage fright before going to face an audience? Then you’re in good company. A little stage fright is no bad thing, because it’ll help you concentrate. But too much stage fright can paralyse you, and then you need to react. Here’s a little rescue package.

First, take your time to prepare for your moment on stage. An hour’s rest would be ideal. You could go for a walk in the fresh air, put all other issues to one side and put the finishing touches on what you are about to say.

Loosen up physically. There’s lots of things you can do for that without breaking in a sweat: Bounce up and down lightly, roll on your feet from your heels to your toes, rotate your arms in big circles, or gently stretch your head and neck muscles to relax them.

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