When you hold a customer event, you want your stakeholders to be able to witness it as vividly as possible, and as much in real time as possible. The Videopulse will let you do this. 3x3communication will cover your event as it happens, whether you are holding a trade show, a press conference or a presentation. 3x3communication will create video reports against a live backdrop and post them to the social media of your choice immediately.

This means your stakeholders can feel the pulse of your company all over the world in their respective language, whether it’s English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese or Korean, and they can do so with a lag of less than an hour – meaning almost in real time. Our experts will help your staff prepare the event and make sure that your key messages are in the right place in each presentation, so that they have a maximum impact both on site and as part of the Videopulse. Our unique expertise combines competence in journalism, corporate communications and audio and video production. The Videopulse – let the world feel the heartbeat of your company.