Consider a new medium for your corporate message. The minute your contact opens the videocard is the minute you connect with him personally. A 4.3 inch display inside the card shows your digital self looking him straight into the eye and speaking to him. Your contact will stay tuned because unlike other media, the videocard will not let him switch channels. More important, your contact can hand the card on to someone else and your message can play an almost indefinite number of times. This makes the Videocard a portable personal communicator.

3x3communication offers you a package service ranging from professional preparation of your statement to coaching before and during the recording to the transfer of the video onto the card all the way to shipping the card to the receivers of your choice. The Videocard will make your communications more personal than they have ever been.

For special requirements, displays are available in sizes up to seven inches and on-board memory of up to 10 gigabytes. Recharge the on-board battery and load data of your choice via a mini-USB interface. Connect the card to your PC and address it as you would any disk drive. Data format is AVI, an industry standard. Whether what you need is a small run of a few dozen or a bulk order of several thousand, our supplier network will be happy to serve you, and do so within just a few days.